Our paints are creamy, have great coverage and have been created carefully and specifically, for those who want chalk paint that is not tested on animals, is child friendly and can be used without worrying odours.

Fairy chic paints are paints that the discerning and creative artist is looking for. People who have a passion for painting and aren't just looking for the do it fast, slap it on and walk away process.

As an artist myself and having other artists who work closely with me, I know it is important to have a well curated, known to sell colour palette, that can be thinned down or thickened up. Each that can be blended together to create any colour you would like..

We have created a paint that can be used not only for furniture painting, but also for mixed media, water colour fine detail finishes and more. We have a wonderful art paint and product range too.

If I have piqued your interest and you feel we could be a great match, do let me know more about your plans.

Very soon we will have a sign up button for you, but in the meantime - just fill out the form below xxx

Once received I will be in touch to answer any further questions you may have and send you more information on joining us. x