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Floral Friday at Fairy Chic Club

Well, Jess from J’Artistry, one of fairy chic's stockists and also one of our fabulous brand ambassadors, certainly kicked off her floral Friday Live-streams, with a punch today.

In just 30 minutes, she had demonstrated with total perfection, just how simply you can paint stunning flowers, using just three colours.

Jess began with a blank piece of textured painting paper and 3 colours popped onto her disposable mixing palette….

She took us through how to use the different colours, blended together to create detail, shadows and depth, as she painted. The amazing thing for all of those who came to join her today, was how easy she made it look! Which of course, is a sign of a true artist.

Another great thing was that, despite many of the club members, not being experienced artists or flower artists, there was a resounding response of:

wow, this is so inspirational, I want to give it a go too”..

So we are sure that there are going to be some club members sitting down and playing with colours very soon, to create their first floral paintings too.. (will update you on the results).

Now, whilst Jess was painting on paper, the design she demonstrated, would also be perfect for furniture painting, so every fairy chic art and chalk paint owner, whether wanting to paint a picture for the wall, add some floral accents to gift items or up-cycle a furniture piece, can follow along from Jesse's live tutorial and create some stunning, yet simple flowers for themselves too.

Of course, not everyone was able to join Jess in the Fairy chic club today, because not everyone knows about our club, or they have not yet joined us, so if you are reading this blog post, and love what you hear and see, think the image of the finished piece is gorgeous and you would like to learn how to create wonderful floral artistry for yourself too, then why not come and join the Fairy Chic Club and discover exactly how to do this for yourself. And of course, our club is not just about Floral Friday and very soon I will write a blog post to tell you much more about the club and share some really great, inspirational snippets and previews as well…. So you can see just how much there is to discover and receive as a Fairy Chic Club member. You can find details of the club and how to join us (by the way, it is mega affordable, at less than the price of a takeaway) …. Right here.

So, let's get back to Jess and her first Floral Friday live-stream. Where did she go once she had popped her three colours onto the disposable palette and opened her textured paper sketch pad?

Well, she started with the deepest colour and as we were watching, she just seemed to make a few dark splodges on the page. Then she blended the deepest colour with some white and added some more splodges, kind of more like thick lines this time…. Everyone was so glued to their computers watching her.

Next she took the pure white and started to really define her flowers, add contours, shading and depth….

It was like watching a fairy at work with a magical wand. I particularly love the way Jess holds her paint brush half way up and with such a delicate touch, like it was floating on air.

Jess painted not just one, but three gorgeous flowers, each from a slightly different angle and then she moved away from the flowers, to grab some greens and create the leaves to finish the piece off to perfection.

Just look at that, what a fantastic finished result, except maybe its not quite finished as next week Jess is going to take us on a journey with fine liner pens, so she may just come back to this first piece and show us how she uses her pens on it, or she may take us in a completely different direction with those pens as she shares more floral inspiration with all club members.…..

Like what you see and want to see the complete piece created step by step, so you can follow along and create your own too? Then why not come and join us today

That's what you call #magicalpainting