Jessica Kimberley    - Fairy Chic's            Ambassador

  from J'Artistry

“I have followed Paula for a long time through her regular lives and did not hesitate to join the club she runs. I have been inspired purely as a crafter to paint furniture for my home and more recently art on canvas’s. Paula has always shown us how to use many brands of paint and other products showing their abilities and their pitfalls in a fun and enthralling way. She then brought out her own paint range. I watched others use it for a while through postings in the club in striking ways and was keen to try it out. I ordered the full range of colours and have been amazed at its quality, in ease of painting on old suitcases with decoupage and canvas boards for mixed media art. The paint is smooth, odourless, with no clogging or lumpy issues, that I have had with other brands . The paint comes in great sizes for easy storage, and lovely colours. I am looking forward to the paint coming in tubes which will be fantastic for quick and easy application of small amounts of paint and accessibility of colours in a small painting space. I have no hesitation in recommending Paula’s paint products and look forward to trying out her new ranges when they are launched.”

Susan Hole


"I am a recent stockist for Fairy Chic paint, I tried it before signing up and quite simply it is amazing stuff. It’s thick so a little goes a long way and easy to manipulate with floetrol if you want extra drying time. It’s sands beautifully leaving virtually no brush marks. As a stockist I get free membership to the Fairy Chic Club which is a knowledge base where members support each other and answer each other’s questions. There are also ‘how to videos’ posted regularly so lots of new skills to be learnt. There is a stockist page where you can get support from other stockists regarding sales of paint, what works and what doesn’t, how to organise sales and set up special offers.There is also the Fairy Chic painting forum where you can post the stuff you are selling. Paula is fantastic, if you message her she responds within a few minutes. She has supported me with my new website and is always very willing to share her vast knowledge. It’s like being part of a painting family and I wouldn’t have it any other way"

Gill Hunt -

“As a furniture painter and artist I have tried many brands of chalk paints over the years. What I love about fairychic chalk paint and why I became a stockist is the quality. Unlike other brands I have used it creates a much smoother and even finish. I still get the option to make it more thick and shabby if I want too but it reduces the need for me to use other types of paint. It really is so easy to paint with! Paula has been amazing too. She has helped me with all my social media plus my website and I cannot thank her enough. Being a stockist you also get free membership to the fairychic club. The club is wonderful with so many helpful tutorials, regular lives and tips. Everyone in the club supports each other and helps out where they can. I love being part of this family and would recommend anyone to become a stockist. “

Louise Micelli -